Reasons To Pick Locks With Bobby Pins


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Standard Door Lock

The best how to pick a lock with a bobby pin tactic to avoid losing pins or compromising vital accessories is to gauge your speed correctly. You cannot afford to overburden the lever as it could cause adverse mechanical damage to any of the seized pins.


Reasons to learn DIY steps on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin

You’ll question the integrity of how to pick a lock with a bobby pin tactics especially if it’s your first ever experience. What’s fascinating to know is that it’s among the earliest lock picking techniques. So, imagine the world without sophisticated lock picking contraptions that we’ve become conveniently attached to today.

It’s never our intention to abandon precious accessories like a car or home key, but it does happen on occasion. When such an emergency presents itself, you’ll be glad you know how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. With this basic skill, you’ll have no need for a professional locksmith or local how to pick a lock with a bobby pin specialist for hire. Besides some locksmith manage a sizable workload daily and won’t rush to doctor your urgent emergency in a timely fashion. This doesn’t mean you won’t find a reliable locksmith for your lock picking needs out there. Of course, it won’t be the cheaper service. How you hire locksmith service depends heavily on the type of lock emergency.

If you’re bent on capitalizing on cost cuts, you’ll definitely enjoy the benefits of DIY how to pick a lock with a bobby pin strategies. Sometimes you’re correcting a minor door lock emergency around your home. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom door, employing the simplest how to pick a lock with a bobby pin tactic is enough to end your temporary misery. Furthermore, DIY how to pick a lock with a bobby pin techniques is a handyman skill that can employ to aid family or friends.


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Old School Lock

Is bobby pin lock picking safe?



Safety is always a consideration whether you’re using actual keys or experimenting with how to pick a lock with a bobby pin instructions. However, key lock technology is straightforward. With this knowledge, we’re committed to helping you employ how to pick a lock with a bobby pin online guides correctly. Our self-explanatory walkthrough shares tactical tips on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin procedures to reduce human error.


Bobby pin: Lock picking steps:


  1. Use the metal bobby pin as lever after you’ve modified its original shape. You’ll push it as you’d insert an actual key into the door lock barrel chamber.


Note: As you’re doing this, employing moderate tension should allow you to push the lever deeper into the lock’s barrel chamber. Mind you, online how to pick a lock with a bobby pin guides stress the importance of monitoring the lever effort to avoid compromising the technology.


  1. Similar to how you’d use an actual key when opening the door, employ the bobby pin lever in its place. While doing this, simply keep it engaged as you rotate the lock delicately. At first, it’ll require that you employ a great amount of pressure for it to rotate. Mind you, exerting excess tension as it could escalate the situation so it’s paramount to avoid this mistake. In addition, you should secure the door lock firmly in place while resetting the set of spring-powered pins.
lock 2
Deadbolt Style Lock

The aim: For the lock’s spring-loaded pins to loosen up and move freely, you must use the lever to force them to align with the barrel correctly. As you’re turning the lock to decide which direction is correct, you should listen for a clicking sound. It’ll also give off a faint grinding effect as you rotate the lock slowly.



  1. To adjust the pins, simply stick the angled part of the bobby-pin pick into the keyhole chamber. Another fundamental how to pick a lock with a bobby pin step is that you carefully move it upwards and downwards to reset all the lock pins. Unfortunately, you won’t get all of them to move immediately, but it’ll move freely as you apply extra pressure. Additionally, you should keep track of the pin count as you release each one.


Note: Sometimes, it’ll be extremely problematic to reset seized lock pins. If it’s proving difficult, simply increase the lever effort gradually until all become loose. Even so, how to pick a lock with a bobby pin experts warn against employing heavy pressure. Consequently, this could worsen the condition of the spring-loaded pins or damage vital components within the lock mechanism. In addition, you should check the metal bobby pin to make sure the curved end is pointing upwards. This is the portion that you’ll insert into the lock’s keyhole.


  1. Use the bobby-pin pick to navigate through the seized key pins pushing each half hanging stack until it starts making a clicking sound. As you make your way through the stack, simply note the ones that have stopped moving. So, while you’re listening for the clicks, make sure you employ extra tension as you push against the lever. The “CLICK” indicates the you’ve aligned the pin splint and lock barrel correctly. Now, the lock will be obstruction-free, allowing you to rotate it freely.


Note: With the lock pins correctly aligned, you shouldn’t have any problem turning the lever as each becomes less restricted.


  1. Lastly, we want you to simply repeat steps 1 to 5 for each seized lock pin. Mind you, pins that were previously free might become seized. That said, how to pick a lock with a bobby pin experts recommend checking all pins carefully. With you constantly applying pressure to the bobby-pin lever, the lock will gradually turn freely until the door opens.
Reasons To Pick Locks With Bobby Pins

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