About Me

regular guy c640x360_26I pick locks for a living. Since that’s what I do, I thought that I would share it with you! I grew up in the sweeping plains of Kansas and have two little girls. I created this blog to help people get back into their houses. Sometimes you find yourself outside without a way to get in, so let’s change that right about now!

Lock picking is rewarding and a useful skill in saving you money from hiring a locksmith when you don’t really need to. Of course, it’s a bit strange coming from me because I know that’s how I make my living, however I know there will always be plenty of people finding themselves locked out of somewhere.

If you want to chat with me, go over to the contact me page and shoot me a note, I love meeting other people that are interested in picking locks as much as I am. If you think of any awesome tips or tricks that I haven’t yet – please let me know because I love to learn new things.